In the Press

4/13/21- Senate Panel Hears Bills: Post-Conviction DNA Tests, Drug Penalty, Cyber-Flashing

2/24/2020- Beyond Weinstein conviction, how #MeToo changed America

6/19/19- As second ex-Hassan staffer pleads guilty to doxing case, first given 4 years in prison

10/27/2015- Bored of education election issues

10/25/2015- Board’s write-in candidates unite for shared cause

10/24/2015- Nashua grad in race for board

10/24/2015- State law bars write-ins from using stickers

10/23/2015- Nashua school board write-in candidates gain labor coalition backing

10/21/2015- Write-in challengers for Nashua BOE make debut

10/19/2015- Breaking News: Opposing Privatization, Four Nashuan’s Announce Write-In Campaign For Board of Education

11/19/2014- Nashua state rep results unchanged by recounts; charter question in limbo 

10/17/2014- Hillsborough County District 34 (Nashua Ward 7) – 3 seats – Democrat

9/11/2014- Milford’s Gary Daniels to face Roger Tilton for state senate; also, state representative results 

 6/17/2014- At least four party primaries slated for Nashua state representative

6/22/2014- State representative candidates for Greater Nashua